Operable Walls and Glass Partitioning for Cardiff Offices

Operable Walls and Glass Partitioning for Cardiff Office

Operable walls are ideal for offices and meeting rooms. They can combine flexibility with a high quality finish as well as excellent sound reduction properties.

Our expert services allowed RPS to make the most efficient use of their space. With large open areas they needed our services to separate this space providing them with a large conference room when needed but with a space that could be used as smaller offices on a day to day basis.

Operable walls – Versatility, Performance, Style

We installed an operable wall which is ideal to temporarily divide the large area creating private spaces with a solid and safe wall.  The operable wall is designed to store away in a parking bay when it is not in use for minimal visibility and its excellent sound properties provide RPS the perfect balance between open space and private meeting areas.

Key features of using a operable wall:

  • Can be stored away in a parking bay when not in use, enabling you utilise the most of your space
  • Excellent sound insulation perfect for creating private office space
  • Ideal for quick and easy layout changes
  • Available in an extensive choice of finishes to provide a bespoke package perfectly suited for your office image and style
  • Can be operated manually or electronically
  • The perfect solution to effectively utilise your space
  • The top track installation provides an unbroken floor surface


RBS operable wall creating a professional workspace

Operable wall in a stylish wood finish, as well as Vitrage glass partitioning at the front of the offices to give a streamline finish


Oberable wall

Parking bay for the operable wall system

Glass partitioning completes the refurb

Vitrage glass partitioning was used to provide seamless glazed frontage to RPS offices and meeting rooms. The partitioning system was designed to use the minimum of framework giving a seamless appearance. To maintain the open feel glass doors were fitted.  Sound reduction of up to 47 DB can be achieved using this system providing areas suitable for confidential meetings and concentrated work but still maintaining the light and spacious feel to the office.



During the installation process – glass partitioning complete with glass manifestation in the form of safety dots

 Glass manifestation to complete the look

Glass manifestation was used in the form of safety dots to highlight the presence of the glass as well as providing a stylish and professional feel to the partitioning system. Glass manifestation is available in an unlimited amount of designs and colours and can be used to reflect the business culture or to reinforce corporate identity such as the company logo or motto as well as acting as an important safety feature. The finished result provides a modern office environment for both and staff and customers to enjoy.

Some of the key features of this project include:

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