Plasterboard or Drywall Partitioning

Plasterboard office partitions and walls are a non load bearing form of construction. The technique is used in all types of buildings, but it is seen often as a cost effective way of refitting commercial offices and industrial buildings.

Sound insulation and Fire Resistance

Drywall partitions can be used to simply divide office space, or can be used where fire resistance, sound insulation and strength is a major requirement.

Plasterboard a cheap solution? In comparison to traditional masonry construction plasterboard office partitions be very cost efficient

Heat and humidity – we do not recommend plasterboard for humid or extremely hot conditions.

Versatility – A key benefit of using drywalling is that it can be installed in spaces of unorthodox sizes and dimensions such as receptions, school halls, showrooms, warehouse units etc

Cost of drywall partioning

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