New office partitioning for Cardiff Business Headquarters

glam tele main 11Office partitioning transforms Cardiff Business Headquarters

Our interior solutions make your space work for you!

Glamorgan telecom had a large open plan office which wasn’t being used to its full potential. Our specialist team transformed this large space making it more suitable for their business needs. We maximised the useable floor space delivering offices finished to the high standard expected from the firm.

Using Tenon Fire and sound partitioning we utilised the space creating a reception area, 3 offices, as well as a meeting room and tea room. The new layout provided staff with a large open space needed for team work and group meetings as well as individual offices for confidential work and private meetings.

This partitioning system offers excellent fire resistance qualities and the double glazed screens meet all acoustic requirements essential for confidential meetings. The system has the strength to withstand even excessive wear and tear , making it the ideal choice for busy offices.


Glamorgan Telecom

Tenon Fire and Sound partitioning with coloured finish to metal framework and trims


Glamorgan Telecom Office

Tenon fire and Sound Partitioning


Solid beech doors and vision panels complete the look

The warmth of the beech doors complete with vision panels enhance the professional style of the offices.  The addition of integral blinds within the partitioning system, give staff the option of having natural light and unhindered vision or privacy when needed. Muraspec decoration and skirting to co ordinate enhanced the design providing a bright and welcoming environment for both staff and visitors.


Glam Telecom 1

Solid beech doors complete with vision panels complete the professional, natural look


Glamorgan Telecom meeting room

Board room installed by MSM Partitioning

glam tele main 11

Key features of the project included:


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