Air Conditioning

Our team aim to provide you with a comfortable working environment whatever the weather; offering systems that provide cool air in the summer months and warmth in the cooler winter months. The air conditioning systems we install are energy efficient, stylish and can be tailored to your individual requirements,

Whether it is to improve personal comfort temperatures or a system to meet building requirements we can help find the best system for you.

Air conditioning can be one of the most energy efficient and cost effective ways to both cool and heat your business environment. Not only can they make your work place more comfortable, they can save you money and help protect the environment by lowering the carbon footprint.

Using the latest technology and installation techniques, our air conditioning services incorporate heat, extraction and ventilation. Depending on your business needs and style the systems can be wall mounted, integrated into the ceiling or installed as a fixed concealed floor unit

Costs and Quote for Air Conditioning Systems

If you would like to find out the cost of your air conditioning solution please give us a call on 01495 758258

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