Office Flooring:

Whatever your requirements MSM Partitioning Ltd can supply you with first class high quality flooring whether for your Reception Area, Meeting room, Open Plan office or Board rooms we can create a stylish and inspiring working environment,

Your workspace plays a huge role in shaping the visual identity of your organisation, and this starts from the ground up. So why not begin with an office floor covering that combines innovation, inspiring design and outstanding performance?

We spend one third of our lives in the workplace, so choosing the right floor covering is important as it can significantly affect our feeling of well being. Choosing the perfect flooring solution for your business can create a sense of space, reflect your brand personality and help make the right first impression to visitors.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a very popular choice in office refurbishments and are a hardwearing alternative to traditional carpet.  The main benefit off carpet tiles is that if one tiles becomes damaged you can replace the tile rather than the whole floor. Carpet tiles include a strong backing so there is no requirement for underlay which is a cost saving for any business and they produce a lot less waste than other types of flooring in particular around awkward shaped rooms or corners.  Overall carpet tiles are definitely a cost effective flooring option and an idea to keep in mind.


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