It seems so obvious that good lighting is important yet despite this, we see commercial buildings including offices, shops and warehouses with non-illuminated lamps, lights positioned in an almost random pattern and occasionally still, offices with dirty yellow, plastic diffusers.

MSM Partitioning Ltd can provide a lighting solution for almost any environment, from an open plan office design, to a retail outlet or a large warehouse storage facility. Light fittings of various types from many manufacturers, such as Cat2 and LG7 compliant can be supplied, incorporating features such as energy saving lamps, dimmable switching and emergency lighting provision. Designed to produce good lighting whatever the application and so improve the workspace and hopefully the lives of those who work within it, creating a more pleasing work environment and possibly easing symptoms such as fatigue and headaches.

Our lighting service may also improve safety, with a lighting scheme to ensure emergency lighting requirements are complied with for complete peace of mind.

Lighting for almost any application. Energy saving, dimmable and emergency. Better lighting, better workspace.

Commercial lighting

Our commercial lighting installations have included those for offices, warehouses,
shops, schools, mezzanine floors and laboratories over the years, with light fittings of
various designs such as fluorescent, metal-halide, halogen and LED.

Our design and installation program can work alongside our other services such
as air conditioning, ventilation, partitioning and suspended ceilings to ensure the
lighting installation is best achieved while those other service elements are also
accommodated within a project design.