Glass Manifestation transforms office workspace

Glass Manifestation transforms workspace environment

Glass manifestation can be used for privacy, decoration, to highlight the presence of a glass partition and to reinforce company branding. Manifestation can compliment colour schemes, differentiate departments, increase privacy, reduce glare and transform an ordinary office  into the extraordinary giving any space the wow factor.

Glass Manifestation

Your company logo could be used to reinforce company branding

Manifestation turns glass partitioning into Office Feature

Manifestation dots or squares are now essential to satisfy health and safety regulations by indicating that the glass is there and helping to avoid accidents e.g to stop people from walking into the glass.   However, glass manifestation can be used for much more than this. The design possibilities are almost limitless and can create stunning effects that will turn glass partitions into interesting features of the office.

Whether its a simple line or dot design,  bespoke pattern or company logo, manifestation can create a cost effective and unique finish to your glass; completely transforming the workspace environment. Bespoke graphics and the smart use of light and colour can create superb working environments which will impress visitors as well as providing stylish working areas for staff.

Cherry Manifestation

A striking design can turn your glass partition into a focal feature

Tenon Vitrage glass partitioning is ideally suited for use with manifestation as the partitioning system keeps its frameless appearance but also provides the feeling of privacy without disrupting the vision of an open office space.

Ext Strawberries 1

manifestation used to turn a glass wall into a focal feature of the building

  Ext Strawberries


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